About Us

Spykenet is a modern Ukrainian developer of top-notch mobile games. The young team of creators debuted on the market with such products as Tower of Misery and Pirates & Warships. Dynamic and colourful, they quickly gained popularity among experienced and novice players alike.

Why Spykenet?

Through us, you can immerse yourself in the wonders of the gadget universe, being a part of legendary events. Dangerous battles, intrigues and conspiracies, exciting puzzles, interesting tasks and fantastic creatures are waiting for you. Control your characters and have fun with your friends!

We are creating games for iOS and Android, so that you and your friends have the opportunity to run them from any device at any time. Unity games are being developed. Our specialists know the high-level programming language Python, C ++ and many others. Creating a 2D game is not a problem for us!

We specialize in creating original and thrilling game apps for kids and adults in different genres. Strategies, action games, arcade games, RPGs and other Spykenet products can be installed from the Google Play Store.

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